Hi, I'm Matthias!

I live in beautiful Stuttgart, Germany. I'm a human, father and web technology enthusiast that truly believes in interdisciplinary approaches.

I craft products and ideas @thenativeweb and @itymedialab.

I enjoy quirky music, slow food and people that don't take themselves too seriously.

”Stay hungry, stay foolish – never settle.”

While scanning through the blog of the ever inspiring Dominic Tarr I stumbled across Vinay Gupta, a London based VC that helped to kick off Ethereum.

In May 2017 he gave a presentation at the European Parliament about Blockchain technology. First of all it's great to watch a calmed down and well informed talk about Blockchain these days. But that wasn't the most interesting thing about the presentation. The slide that caught my attention contains a very interesting metaphor for thinking about the future that I would like to preserve…

”The future is a foreign country.
It is our largest trading partner.”
– Vinay Gupta