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When you’re creating your own shit, man,
even the sky ain’t the limit.

Miles Davis

The questionable direction Twitter is taking these days, as well as some curiosity sparking web toys, have awakened my interest in writing and tinkering from a deep sleep. Especially considering the current ownership of the birdsite, one suddenly is reminded again how valuable it is to control one’s own content without constraints. So in other words: I’ve revived my personal blog.

As a starting point, I dug out some very old thoughts that I still think are worth preserving. Even better, I found joy in putting a new coat of paint on that thing.

But I also got a bit into writing again – I’ve been gathering some thoughts on a topic that caught my attention while reading an inspiring article about it recently: Design Thinking. What will outlast the «hype» and what design ingredients can produce sustainable and meaningful products?

Hopefully in the future I’ll find some time and inspiration to write about the technical gear behind this - at least I have a few thoughts about it in my head.